Analyze and understand your
users behavior.

Easily track your websites visitors, 🔥 heatmaps &
🎬 replay sessions to analyze user behavior.

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Good & good
looking analytics

Have you ever felt like you have too much information in front of you and don’t know what it means? We are providing you a clean and simple interface with easy to understand analytics.

  • Evolution on the past 30 days
  • Top pagescountriesreferrers
  • Simple & custom Goals tracking

Learn more about
your visitors

Understanding and evaluating your visitor’s behaviour and repeated actions is the best way to know what is working and what is not going so well on your website.

  • View and get details of all the visitors
  • Analyze all their past sessions
  • Identify your visitors
Limited Offer – we are beta now! It means we giveaway free access for all our customers!

Record & replay
visitors sessions

This is simply the best way to see a visitors journey throughout your website. What they click, where they’re going and what they like and do not understand. You can easily replay their sessions and see exactly what they did.

  • Immediately available after session
  • Track user behaviour
  • High quality replays

Heatmaps tracking

Heatmaps is a very easy to use feature to test out pages on your website and understand which parts are the most used by a collection of users on your website.

  • Evolution on the past 30 days 
  • Multiple heatmaps per website
  • Clicks tracking heatmaps

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