Kind Word from Our Happy Customers

Here, at Gagarin and Kusto marketing agency we value time of our team members and customers budget.

One of our clients approached us with project for their brand awareness campaign aimed on raising importance of environmental issues in Scandinavian countries.

While our strategy guys where on overall project scope we seeked for Pixeful for template design. Guys suggested to try DonateFuture theme which looked like perfect fit given the time frame to set-up page and produce content.

What we loved about it is healthy balance of call-to-action and content blocks. Figures block was on our checklist and luckily we did not needed to change icons.

We also needed to make minor adjustments and add custom block to show images of charity campaign curators and guys did all update within one business day.
Most of us know that when you deal with templates, it’s thin ice, you can easily break it with your own ideas. Pixeful template was good enough to be launched with minor adjustments what helped us to deliver on time without extra hassle.

Eugene, Gagarin&Kusto Inc

It’s shame to say, but it’s been 7 years I was about to invest money in my own website. I do legal consultation for the living and normally I am not short on clients. However there are some off-peak periods as we all have, especially in summer.

I thought of having personal branded page while I was more available. Occasionally my son came across Pixeful and emailed me LawyerHelp template. He said it’s ready to go, just couple of adjustments will be needed. I’l need couple of programming hours and come up with my own content.

On the website I feature not only complicated things like due diligence, but some easy things like opening LLC, which I normally outsource to my associates. I thought I can get couple of extra clients. Usually, when you start with something small and client is satisfied they come back with some things more complicated (and expensive).

I also thought about testimonials part and thanks Pixeful it’s already in the place. I believe some day I would need something more advanced to feature legal cases I had, but for now this template is fine with me.

Thanks Pixeful for saving me time on creating my website. Less is more as they say.

David Ginberg, Lawyer